Mandaean Youth Australia

Manadaean Youth Australia has been set up under the Sabian Mandaean Association Limited and the Mandaean Synod of Australia to benefit the Mandaean Youth and to build a stronger Mandaean community.

The youth committee's mission is to connect Mandaean youth; support the Mandaean community; and encourage spiritual discussion and education through social activities, scripture classes, kids club and sports.

Currently Mandaean Youth Australia is active in a number of projects and activities. Visit Mandaean Youth Australia's Facebook page or contact a representative via email or see them in person at the Mandi after Sunday Brahkha (Prayers).


Mandaean Synod Elections

December 22, 2013, Time: 9:00am - 7:00pm

The Mandaean Synod of Australia will be holding elections to elect new members to the Synod. This will be held on the 22nd of December 2013. You must be registered to vote. For more information please enquire at the Mandi in Liverpool.

Mandaean Youth Australia Picnic

MYA Facebook page

Mandaean Youth Australia is the future of our community. Through fun and faith we strive to have all Mandaean Youth in Australia join us in our activities from education to social gatherings. Join us at the upcoming Picnic in January 2014. Date is To Be Announced..